5 Ways to Calm Anxiety

5 Ways to Calm Anxiety | Anxiety coping | Mental Health

We mentioned at the start of 2019 that you would see some positive changes in the blog, and I’m so happy with the direction we’re taking. One of the intentions we set was to go deeper with some of the topics we’ve discussed in the past. For example, we’ve covered everything from meditation to mindful eating, but I haven’t really discussed what led me to either of those things.

Anxiety is something that has affected me over the years. It peaked in college and that’s when I decided I had to make a change. It was incredibly hard to deal with and I had a lot of time to think about how I could feel better from there. With this post, I’m going to list some things that have helped me get better control of my mental health, but everyone is different. Remember, if you need to see a doctor that is completely fine as well. I’m simply sharing what has worked for me, and if you feel inspired to implement anything into your own routine, feel free to do so. Let’s get started and share some of your own calming tools in the comments!


I start every morning with at least five minutes of meditation. I aim for 10 minutes, but if I’m in a rush, five minutes it is. It’s become a really important way for me to center myself and set the tone for my day on a calming note. During it, I put the focus on my breathing and clearing any negative energy I may be carrying with me. I call on my guides for guidance and support, and receive any messages that may come through for me. It’s created the time I need for just myself when the rest of my day can feel so crazy and overwhelming, especially during the work week. We’ve covered the benefits of meditation in the past, if you want to learn more.


Making exercise a part of my morning routine has been a huge game-changer for me as well. It’s something that I have complete control over and having those endorphins released makes me feel SO good. Lately, I’ve been focusing on weight training, but I’ll always find time for cardio. I’ve been loving HIIT workouts on the treadmill. Even, if I wake up and don’t feel like going, I try to get myself to the gym at least four times a week. After all, I’ve never left the gym and regretted going.

Positive Self-Talk

Changing the language I speak to myself with is a work in progress. I want to stop being so hard on myself, and speak all the good things into my soul. Whenever I have a negative thought, I immediately turn it into something that has a higher vibration. Soon enough, that will be my default setting.

Get Creative

I’ve started drawing again! I used to be so great at it when I was younger, but felt called to get back to it recently. I usually do it in the morning since it gives me that creative outlet I find myself craving some days. Art therapy is REAL and I literally feel tension leaving my body when I take a moment with my sketchbook. So whatever gets you to be creative, whether that’s writing a short story or painting, give it a try and see how you feel.

Get educated on what you’re putting into your body

I saved this one for last because so much has gone into this for myself. I was on birth control for about six years when I decided to get off of it. Often times, your doctors gives little information when you get on the pill in the first place. For me, it was the one and only solution to solve my beyond awful cramps. It’s astounding to come to understand just how much birth control can impact your hormones, mental health, and so much more. When I stopped taking the pill, the intensity of my anxiety drastically decreased. I encourage you to learn as much as you can before taking the pill, and if you’re already on it and feel like you could learn more, please do! There’s so many amazing resources out there, including podcasts like this one that can shed light on some of your questions.

I’m also more mindful about what food I’m eating. Certain foods, such as healthy fats, can do wonders for your anxiety. Mindful eating has also helped me become aware of my body. What is it reacting well to? What isn’t it reacting well to? Am I actually hungry? I go in depth about mindful eating here, but being intentional about what I feed myself has been so helpful in calming those nerves!

Do you have other methods for keeping yourself calm? Let me know in the comments!

5 Ways to Calm Anxiety | Anxiety coping | Mental Health
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