Thriving With: Zara Khalique of Keep It Bright

Photo courtesy of Zara Khalique

Photo courtesy of Zara Khalique

We first came across Zara Khalique’s Keep It Bright on Instagram and were immediately drawn to the messages of positivity oozing from the page. Shirts with beautiful messages, watercolor prints in the most amazing colors, and so much more made us feel so good just by looking at it! We had to know more about the person behind this very special lifestyle brand, and we’re so glad we had the opportunity to interview her for this series.

Her passion for helping others is evident through her work and there’s so much to take away from her mindset and career path. Read on for more:

Sabine & Carine: Keep It Bright's mission is to encourage people to live a better, brighter life through uplifting products like clothing and books. Where did the idea for Keep It Bright come from?

Zara Khalique: Keep It Bright was born out of my own need to be surrounded with positive messages and reminders. When I saw how much they helped me to change my own life for the better, I had to share them with others, and help them to do the same! That was 12 years ago, and it became my mission from then onwards! 

S&C:When the concept of Keep It Bright came to you, what was the very first step you took to reach this point? 

ZK: I always wanted to be a fashion designer as a child, and used to customize my own clothes already, so I started customizing them with positive messages for myself, and then for my friends. Then people started asking for custom pieces, and it just snowballed slowly from there! 

S&C:As the creator, what inspires your designs? And what does your creative process look like?

ZK: My feelings inspire my designs for sure! Since my work is message-based, the design always starts with the words and the message I want to put out there, then I think about the style i want to do the design in. I draw all my designs by hand, even to this day.

S&C:Your clothing has been worn by many people, including celebs like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus. How does it feel to see something you've worked hard on worn

ZK: It feels amazing to have such amazing women like Ariana and Miley wearing and loving the things I make and the messages I put out there, as they are such brilliant role models for women, so I'm super proud to have like-minded souls like them spreading these messages! At the core of it, they're just people, who need positivity too!

S&C:What inspired you to create The Keep It Bright Book and The Self Care Book? Was it difficult to find a manufacturer who could bring your exact vision to life? 

ZK: The books have always come from the reminders I needed myself. I created and released my first book when I was 17. Since then I've released many improved versions, as I've learned more and been able to make better products! Finding anything you need isn't too difficult nowadays with the blessing of the internet. When I started, the internet was a different place, but there's so many amazing resources nowadays that everyone should make the most of! 

S&C:Do you have a go-to affirmation? If so, what is it and why does that resonate with you?

ZK: This has varied in different stages of my life, but I think my tattoos tell them well, as all the major ones I've had tattooed: 'Count your blessings', 'Trust your struggle', 'Fear less', 'Love more', 'Live beautifully', 'Trust the timing of your life'.

Since my work is message-based, the design always starts with the words and the message I want to put out there.

S&C:If you had to give one piece of advice to anyone who's looking to start their own company, what would it be? 

ZK: As I said earlier, the internet is such an incredible resource, you can learn how to do pretty much anything for free nowadays, from learning skills to finding people to help you out, so whatever it is you want to do, just Google it! 

S&C:What helps you thrive in your career?

ZK: My mission to help as many people as I can to have a brighter mindset. That's why I do this! And to give my family a better life. 

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