Instagram Accounts to Follow If You're A Foodie

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I don’t know about you, but we’re true foodies around here! We love to find new recipes to try, discover new restaurants, and just enjoy having a good time over a hearty meal. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to seek out anything pertaining to your food needs thanks to Instagram. There are tons of accounts dedicated to food- whether it be dessert, savory meals, or vegan- you name it, somebody created it.

So, we thought we’d share a list of some of our fave accounts to drool over. Do you follow any accounts that you think we should know about? Let us know some of your favorites in the comments!


Yum! As you know, we used to live right outside Philadelphia, so keeping up with the food scene there was a must! Everything looks so tasty and you constantly find out about new places to eat. We’re pretty sure there’s an Instagram curated for every state that’s filled with good bites at this point, so take a look and see what you find!


Tasty is the place for quick video recipes that they say will make you go “oh yes,” and they just might be right! It’s so great to know how seemingly complex dishes are made, and you can save it to try yourself later. We tried out their Nutella cake mug recipe and it was just as good as it sounds. I mean how can you go wrong with Nutella? We also love that it’s not just filled with desserts, there’s plenty for those who prefer savory options too.


Jenné Claiborne has got your vegan food needs covered. Many of her recipes have a sweet potato twist, and we recently purchased her book that’s filled with some of her most delicious ones. We’re so excited to try them out!


Uhm, can I have some? This page is so bright and fun, plus it has us wanting to treat ourselves at the end of a long week!


Food52 is all about encouraging you to eat thoughtfully with tasty recipes for you to try. 😋 Since we’ve been trying to cook more, this account definitely comes in handy.

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