50 Ways to Spend Time Alone

Lifestyle | Wellness: 50 Ways to Spend Time Alone

If you follow us on Instagram (you should if you’re not!), you’ve noticed we talk a lot about #SelfCareSunday. It’s so easy to get caught up in doing for other people and keeping up with your own responsibilities, but it’s just as important to treat yo’ self! Time alone can be just what you need to clear your head and boost your energy. We shared 50 ways to spend time alone below. Let us know if you'd add anything to this list!

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  1. Go out for a walk

  2. Paint your nails

  3. Try cooking a new dish

  4. Read a book/ Go to a bookstore

  5. Take a long bath

  6. Write in your journal

  7. Catch up on your favorite shows

  8. Watch an inspiring TED talk

  9. Meditate

  10. Organize your room/closet

  11. Get a massage

  12. Experiment with your makeup

  13. Try a new workout class

  14. Explore your neighborhood

  15. Unplug

  16. Watch a funny Youtube video

  17. Apply a face mask

  18. Listen to an album you haven’t heard yet

  19. Go to a comedy show

  20. Visit a museum

  21. Write a handwritten letter to someone you care about

  22. Make your own face scrub

  23. Head to a cafe for coffee/tea

  24. Research something you’ve been meaning to learn more about

  25. Clean your home

  26. Create a playlist

  27. Declutter your inbox

  28. Fix your resume

  29. Write a letter to your future/younger self

  30. Set intentions

  31. Work on manifesting all you desire

  32. Listen to a podcast

  33. Go to the movies

  34. Create a budget

  35. Drink water

  36. Take a nap

  37. Meal plan/ prep

  38. Find a new affirmation for your week

  39. Browse your favorite website

  40. Draw or color in a coloring book

  41. Watch a documentary

  42. Write a creative story

  43. Make popsicles

  44. Do laundry

  45. Make a vision board

  46. FaceTime someone

  47. Try a new hairstyle

  48. Pin away on Pinterest

  49. Redecorate a room in your house

  50. Sign-up for volunteer work  

50 Ways To Spend Time Alone

50 Ways To Spend Time Alone

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