Travel Diary: Florida and The Bahamas

Travel Diary: Florida and The Bahamas | Travel Destinations | Bahamas Cruise | Grand Lucayan Resort Bahamas | Vacation Ideas

We still find ourselves smiling from our vacation/ birthday celebration! We shared bits and pieces on our Instagram, but we also felt like it would be the perfect way to launch our YouTube channel. We had been thinking about creating videos for a while, and starting with such a high-vibrational time felt like the best way to jump into it.

You gotta schedule vacations in your five year plan. You gotta schedule celebrations in your five year plan.
— Chance the Rapper

We spent a week and half in West Palm Beach, Florida, and went on a cruise to The Bahamas. It was such a special and fun time that we really needed. Needless to say, year 24 has been great so far!

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