50 Ways To Take A Break

50 Ways to Take A Break | Relaxation Tips | Health and Wellness

Sometimes, work and personal matters can be so overwhelming. It’s incredibly important that we all find time to take a break in order to avoid burnout and live happy and full lives. Even if you don’t have time for a full #SelfCareSunday, you can always find a small bit of a time to dedicate to yourself and your mental health. We put together this list of 50 ways to take a break if you’re in need of any ideas. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried or will try any of the below!

  1. Meditate

  2. Take a bath

  3. Watch a movie

  4. Listen to music

  5. Go out for a walk

  6. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

  7. Binge watch your favorite tv show

  8. Eat a meal you enjoy

  9. Read a book

  10. Spend time with someone/your pet

  11. Take a workout class

  12. Draw

  13. Write in your journal

  14. Get a manicure/pedicure

  15. Take a nap

  16. Plant flowers

  17. Try something new

  18. Get a massage

  19. Spend time alone

  20. Go to a new restaurant

  21. Go for a bike/care ride

  22. Unplug from social media

  23. Enjoy a nice day at the park

  24. Give yourself a personal spa day

  25. Stretch

  26. Make a smoothie

  27. Play a video game

  28. Go for a run

  29. Spend time with family

  30. Plan your next vacation

  31. Take a few minutes to do nothing

  32. Drink some tea

  33. Go to the beach

  34. Watch your favorite YouTube videos

  35. Try aromatherapy

  36. Try making a craft

  37. Make a list of things you’re grateful for

  38. Dance

  39. Do karaoke

  40. De-clutter your home/desk

  41. Complete a puzzle

  42. Go to a farmer’s market

  43. Make a face mask

  44. Go out for lunch

  45. Make a list of goals

  46. Put together your vision board

  47. Organize your closet

  48. Bake cookies

  49. Watch an inspiring TED talk

  50. Practice positive self-talk

50 Ways to Take A Break | Relaxation Tips | Health and Wellness
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