Introducing Thrive Haven

Introducing Thrive Haven | Career Advice | Tips for POC

There was a slow build to the creation of Thrive Haven. It started with college. When we entered our freshman year, we were already thinking of the amazing internships that would help us achieve our career goals. After all, college, for us, was just a stepping stone for us to fight for our dreams. 

You might have noticed that we began sharing more and more career advice. Since we graduated two years ago and began working full time in New York City, we’ve learned so much that we thought might be helpful to you. Through the ups and downs, we’ve both been able to grow. There are so many things to think about when navigating the workspace. We hope to shed some light for those just starting out and we’ll share more as we’re on our own journeys as well. We’ll be writing all about securing interviews, staying organized, and being a POC at work all while prioritizing your wellness.

Thrive Haven is a space where you'll feel at peace by learning how to be successful in your career, while also prioritizing your wellness. We want you to thrive in your career.

As we work to make this everything and more, let us know what you'd like to see in the future!