3 Signs You're Close to Burnout at Work and How to Overcome It

3 Signs You're Close to Burnout at Work and How to Overcome It  | Career Advice | Tips

As you probably already know, I recently left my dream job and it wasn’t easy. Towards the end, I was experiencing some major signs of burn out and it affected me mentally, physically and emotionally. While I ultimately left my role, I wanted to share some alternative tips that could work for you if you’re experiencing it yourself.

There are a lot of signs that you may be experiencing burnout at work. Some of the symptoms I experienced myself were:


In the last few weeks, I was experiencing a specific kind of exhaustion. Not the kind that you feel when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, but the kind that feels like a constant fatigue for days on end. Like you just can’t get to sleep early enough to shake it off. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get out of it and it began to play a huge role in my mood. I literally had no energy to do anything.

Sunday Mood

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Sunday Blues. It’s when you’re sad the weekend is over, but it’s inevitable and you know you have to go to work the next day. However, what I was going through every Sunday was completely different. I was straight up depressed and completely dreaded having to go to work. It was a nightmare. I didn’t want night to come because I knew I would have to drag myself out of bed in the morning.


My patience was thin and I would get annoyed so easily. Any little annoying thing that came up during the day would immediately put me in a mood for the entire day and I couldn’t shake it off.

3 Signs You're Close to Burnout At Work and How to Overcome It | Career Advice | Tips

So like I said, I ultimately ended up leaving because I the burnout was coming from working somewhere that I realized was not for me. For others, they might love their job, but the routine of the job is the root of their unhappiness. I wanted to share a list of things that might be helpful to keep you from getting to such a low point:

  1. Talk to you Supervisor: Let your supervisor know that you’d like to begin taking on new assignments/tasks. Sometimes, switching it up can lead to new and exciting opportunities at work.

  2. Be Present During Your Personal Time: It can be so easy to constantly check your phone for new emails even after leaving work. I’ve learned that it’s important to make sure that your personal time is used effectively. Put the phone down and make time to go to the gym, grab dinner with friends, etc.

  3. Meditation: I’m a big believer in meditation and I always recommend people give it a try. It’s a great way to reconnect with yourself and clear your mind from all the things you have to think about at work and your personal life. It can also help you gain clarity on things that have been distracting you.

An important thing to remember is you’re doing your best! It’s completely okay to not feel 100% all the time, but make sure to ask for help when you need it. Have you ever experienced burnout. Let me know in the comments any other tips on how you got past it.