What I Learned After Leaving My “Dream Job”

What I Learned After Leaving My Dream Job | Career Advice | Career Change | Lifestyle | Follow your heart | Dream Job | Dream Job Ideas

It’s been a while since we’ve shared a personal post, so I thought I’d share some updates on my career. The past few months haven’t been easy for me career-wise. I made a major decision recently to leave my “dream job” and while it was hard, it was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. See, it turns out that what I thought was my dream job wasn’t it at all. It didn’t line up with what I actually envisioned for my life and I had to come to terms with that. It’s difficult realizing that a career you’ve been working towards for years might not be for you.

I learned so much personally and professionally, and while I felt so alone in the moment, I know there are so many other people that have experienced this. So, I wanted to share a bit about my experience and a few takeaways that could be helpful.

Lesson 1: Always folloW your heart

You are the only person that knows exactly what you’re feeling 100% of the time. I knew I had already hit burnout after a few months and my overall happiness was suffering. When I was thinking about my next step, I thought about what clients I’d like to work with and what would feel most meaningful for me. I realized I liked working with lifestyle brands, so I sought opportunities that were in line with that passion. Now, I have a job working with clients within lifestyle and it feels like a perfect fit. Always do what’s best for you.

Lesson 2: Consider everything

When you’re thinking about your dream job, it’s so important to consider how that job will effect other aspects of your life. You’ll spend a lot of time working on this career, so making sure it’s a match for your personality and lifestyle is essential. For example, my job in the entertainment industry required that I work A LOT of hours. For some, that’s fine, but for me and the kind of personal life I want to live, I wasn’t comfortable with that.

Lesson 3: don’t give up

Just because things didn’t work out the first time around, doesn’t mean you can’t try again. And again. And again.

I was so confused and upset when I left that job. This just wasn’t part of the plan! But that’s life. I couldn’t predict what was going to happen, but I feel like going through that helped me to find the strength in my voice.

Have you ever gone through something like this? Let me know in the comments! Would love to hear your thoughts or what you learned.