Our Morning Wellness Routine

Our Morning Wellness Routine and How to Create Your Own

Last week, Carine wrote all about how her routine has changed since starting a job that requires her to work really late. This week, I'm sharing how we start our mornings to try and start the day on a good note. 

I work in public relations, so my job requires me to work long hours a lot of the time. I'd be lying if I said I figured out a work-life balance, but we've been trying to make time for ourselves every morning and little changes in our daily life. So, let's begin!


Our Morning Wellness Routine

I've spoken to plenty of people that think it's crazy that we wake up early in the morning to workout, but honestly, there's no way we would ever do it after work with how late we get home. So, we take 30-45 minutes every morning to get a work out in and get energy flowing. 

Changing Eating Habits

Our Morning Wellness Routine

We've started integrating more vegetables, fruits and a ton of water into our diet, and it makes a world of a difference. Fueling your body with the right ingredients are so beneficial physically and mentally. In the mornings, we like to have oatmeal with dried cranberries and we add a tablespoon of chia seeds. Chia seeds are a great source of fiber, antioxidants, and protein, so we love adding them to everything. 

Personal Time

Our Morning Wellness Routine

We haven't started this yet, but we're going to begin taking 5 minutes of personal time. This can mean different things for everyone, but I'm going to meditate for 5 minutes every morning. It's something I genuinely love to do and I need to get back to it!

What are some ways that you start your morning? Let us know in the comments!