5 Things I Keep in My Purse

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I love being able to use certain purses for select occasions, but it sucks when you forget to transfer things over. There are certain items I HAVE to keep in my bag at all times. Below I list my top 5 items I never leave the house without. 

1. Hand Sanitizer

We use the subway to get to work like A LOT of New Yorkers do, so we want to make sure we don't pick up any unnecessary germs. Hand sanitizer is a must. 

2. Powder

I have an oily t-zone, so I like to make sure it doesn't get out of control with some powder. It also helps to make sure there's a mirror!

3. Chapstick/Lipgloss

Dry lips can really break my day. The below are my favorites for keeping my lips moist and smooth.

4. Lotion

I use lotion after I wash my hands because my hands get really dry. I'm obsessed with my mini Curel lotion right now. 

5. Stain-Remover Pen

There's nothing worse than a stain on your white shirt! My Tide to-go pen literally goes everywhere with me!

Some other notable favorites are my portable charger, gum and tissues! What do you keep in your bag?

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