Three People I'd Have Dinner With

3 People I'd love to have dinner with | Bucket List | Food and Recipes

That’s a tough question, right?!

I love getting to sit with people and learn how they reached their level of success, which is why I ended up doing a lot of informational interviews while I was in school. Not only do you get the opportunity to learn about someone else, but it also gives you the chance to learn more about yourself, what you want to do and who you want to be.

Anyways, I was recently asked this question and it was SO difficult for me to pick just three, but I made a list that I was happy with.

Without further ado, the first person on my list is…

Serena Williams- Honestly, this wasn’t up for discussion. The greatest athlete of all time has to be at the dinner table. She carries herself with such grace, she’s an incredible athlete (Never forget that she won the Australian Open while eight weeks pregnant) and she’s funny- if you’re not following her on Snapchat, you’re making a huge mistake.

Beyoncé- I mean, she’s QUEEN Bey. How could anyone not love her? If you ever get the chance to see her live, don’t walk, run! She is beyond amazing and I’ll always have an immense amount of respect for her artistry. I know that one dinner wouldn’t be enough time for me to ask all the questions I have, but I’d make it count!

And last, but of course, never least…

Michelle Obama- She’s my definition of a BOSS. I just know she’d have the best advice to give me for every situation. How cool would it be to have her as a mentor? I’d make sure I took advantage of this dinner and soak up everything she said.

Who would you like to have dinner with?

by sabine.png