Maintaining a Blog with a Full-Time Job

Maintaining a blog with a full time job can be tough. Read all about what we've been doing and let us know about your tips!

Carine and I have been blogging for almost 4 months! It’s crazy to think how fast the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday we were writing about blogging for one month. Some things have definitely changed since then.

One major change is that we both have full-time jobs. I couldn’t have imagined just how HARD it would be to dedicate a huge chunk of our day to our jobs and also maintain what we’ve built.

There. I said it. (*SIGH*)

We’re not ashamed or anything, but we just don’t have the free time anymore to dedicate hours to the blog and maintain our social media accounts.

Sometimes we get home from work so exhausted that the last thing we want to do is write, but we’ve been working on figuring out an effective plan.  

This is what we just started doing and we want your feedback and tips!

  1. Planning out content- We put together an editorial calendar for the next few months and now we just have to write the articles.

  2. Scheduling content- Twitter is a platform we struggle with, but we’ve been getting into the habit of scheduling tweets ahead of time. Specifically promoting our content and other bloggers. We’re thinking about investing in Boardbooster or Tailwind to help with Pinterest.

Let us know how you maintain a busy life and running a blog. We would love to hear your advice!