3 Ways to Keep An Attitude of Gratitude

3 Ways to Keep an Attitude of Gratitude | Staying Grateful and Thankful

I’ve been doing my best to make sure that I’m living the best life I can live. It’s cliche, but you really do only get one. Is it hard to stay positive all the time? Of course, sometimes obstacles get thrown at you and the struggle can be so real, but I try to remember that hard times don’t last forever. One of the ways I maintain this attitude is by staying grateful.  

I feel my best when I’m in a state of gratitude. Realizing how much I have to be thankful for gives me such a peace of mind and nothing can bring me down. Here’s a list of ways that I keep an attitude of gratitude.

 1. Make a List

 This helps me a ton whenever I’m really feeling down. Get a paper and pen and write down every single thing you thankful for. Write the names of family members and friends, your pets, material things, etc. and see how the list grows.

 2. Create a Grateful Jar

 I got this idea from media maven Karen Civil when I read her book and I’ve implemented it into my daily life. Get a jar and decorate it however you want, then use post-its or small pieces of paper to write down things that happened that you are grateful for and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, open up the pieces of paper and see how many great things happened to you!


A lot of times people think meditation is really hard, but you should only do the amount of time you’re comfortable with and it takes practice. Start with just 5 minutes a day! It’s so easy to find guided meditation on YouTube that can help you even more. I usually look for gratitude meditation videos to help with my journey to staying grateful each day.

 I hope this helps! Do you have any other ideas on how to stay grateful? Let me know!