Our Favorite Beauty Vloggers

Beauty | Beauty tips: Here's a list of beauty vloggers that should be on your radar!

Beauty vloggers are who I go to for makeup reviews, learning about different makeup techniques, summer looks and everything else related to beauty. It’s absolutely crazy how much YouTube has changed the landscape of the beauty industry. I can remember the days when beauty vloggers weren’t even around and now they are everywhere! Honestly, there are so many channels and people to choose from relative to who you want to rely on for all of your beauty-related questions and discoveries. It’s super quick and easy to find out how to do anything and it doesn’t require any money on the viewer's part. There’s seriously a video for everything!

Just like anything else, I gravitate towards some vloggers more than others. It’s just about finding which ones are right for you. After years of coming across different channels, I’ve finally found five vloggers I fully trust. Check them out below!  


I love the amount of different looks featured on Ellarie’s channel! If you’re looking for a classic red lip, she has that. More of a Star Wars girl? She has that too! Plus, her adorable daughter makes an appearance in some of her videos.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is another favorite. If you’re just coming across her, there are plenty of videos for you to catch up on.


Eloho is hilarious! I love how personable she is and her tutorials are super easy to follow. Her channel also features funny content that isn’t related to beauty as well.


PatrickStarrr is killing the game! He has such a warm and inviting personality and walks you through every step. It also doesn’t hurt that half the time his models are celebrities. Tyra Banks, Shay Mitchell and a ton more have made appearances.

Jackie Aina

I love how honest Jackie Aina’s reviews are! I’m constantly scrolling through her videos to see what looks I can try next. With over 1.4 millions subscribers already tuned in, you’re missing out if you haven’t given her channel a chance yet.