Bomber Jackets

I’m obsessed with bomber jackets. They are simple and cute, so they can take any outfit to the next level and add a little edge.

I know it’s summer and they’re usually not worn that often in this time of year, but it’s been pretty chilly here in Philadelphia!

 Carine and I both got ours at Forever 21. Carine actually got hers first and I loved how easy it was to style, so I got my own! Her’s is navy and can be viewed in the pictures. You can get a similar one here.

 My jacket is pink (my new favorite color, btw!) and you can view it here. This black one from Topshop is cute as well.

 I usually wear it with a pair of jeans and shirt, but I’ve been meaning to try it with a dress.

 How would you/ do you wear a bomber jacket! Let me know!