3 Ways to Stay Organized

3 Ways to Stay Organized | Organization Tips

As you know, we just graduated from college and our last semester was tough.

 Senioritis is real! One of the ways I dealt with it was by staying ahead of my assignments.

 I know it can be difficult to do, but it really helped remove so much stress. Plus, with these organization tips you’ll be able to manage your assignment so much easier.

 Here are three ways that I stay organized.

 1. Get an Agenda

I have no idea where I would be with this. I write down everything that I could possibly forget (assignment due dates, doctor’s appointments, etc.) They come in a range of prices, so you don’t have to spend too much on one if you don’t want to. You can get the one I have here.

 2.  Use Your Mobile Calendar

I didn’t start seriously using the calendar on my iPhone until this year and I regret not using it to my advantage earlier. I add any important dates, such as job interviews and I set an alert, so I get a reminder. Reminders are a #majorkey!

 3. Time Management


I can’t stress enough the importance of time management skills. It goes hand in hand with organization. You’ll feel like a hot mess if you can’t stay on top of things. If you have a major issue with procrastinating, just start by prioritizing your tasks. This is a great way to see what you should work on first.

 Do you have any other ideas on how to stay organized? Let me know if any of these tips work for you!