Green Eggs Café

Another day, another restaurant! Me and Sabine have this growing list of Philly restaurants we want to try out and we visited one of them at the start of this week. Green Eggs Café is one of those places that we've been hearing about for a while now. Friends were raving about it and people were posting delicious-looking photos online, so we finally made the time to go.

Going in, we knew we wanted to try the french toast and we definitely found out what all the hype is about.

Sabine got the Crème Brulee French Toast and it was so good. Yes, I took a bite, but can you blame me? Just look at the mouth-watering presentation!

I enjoyed the Cookie Dough Stuffed French Toast. YUM! I love all things chocolate, but this blew me away. The challah bread was soft and full and the topping added the right amount of sweetness. Just thinking about it has me craving it once again!

Green Eggs Cafe 3.JPG

What's not to love? Green Eggs Café serves delicious food so if you've been there before, let us know what you think! If not, I highly recommend it.

by carine.png