How to Find Motivation

How to find motivation!

Finding motivation can be easier said than done sometimes. As a recent college graduate, I find myself thinking of the future a lot and wondering where all the hard work I’ve put in over the years will lead. Aside from creating vision boards and following social media accounts that will enrich my mind, I have implemented small, but effective ways to motivate myself when I’m having an off day. Here are some of the tools I’ve learned.


I love to read a good fiction book, but at this point in my life, reading self-help books can go a long way in changing the way I go about my daily life. I’m constantly feeding my mind tips on how to approach my career and changing the way I think so that it’s more postive, which is never a bad idea. I just finished reading Lilly Singh’s How to Be A Bawse and I’m feeling pumped. Next up: You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.


Writing has been such a release for me. As a journalism major, more writing was the last thing I wanted to, but it was important for me to not just write as my career, but to write for me, myself and I. Whether you choose to keep a journal or air out you thoughts in a word document, it helps to take all of the cluttered thoughts in your mind out and onto paper. It puts everything into perspective and will ease the minds of the over-thinkers out there.



Simply going outside gives me that literal breath of fresh air I need. Watching television in your pajamas all day is a fine when needed, but once it starts feeling like you’re in a rut, even just taking a walk around the block can wake you up a bit. There’s this wonderful place here in the City of Brotherly Love called the Philadelphia Magic Gardens that I visited for the first time during the winter. It turned out to be a completely breathtaking and inspiring experience for me. Finding that special place that does that same for you can be what turns your day around.



I can’t stress enough how important positive self-talk is. I never want to find myself in a cycle a negative thoughts. It doesn’t feel good and it can really start to affect you in more ways than you know. Sometimes I’ll make affirmations up on the spot or I’ll recite the ones I’ve come across in the past. Here’s one I made up for when that imposter syndrome kicks in: “I work hard and I deserve to be exactly where I am. I am worthy of the space I take up in this room.” I've even filled my room with postive quotes so that I am always surrounded by words that will empower me.


  Photo By Shelby Ricci

Photo By Shelby Ricci

Hear me out on this one. Laughing automatically puts me in a lighter and positive mood. Whether you’re watching a funny movie (Bridesmaids never disappoints!) or enjoying a comedy show, I promise you’ll end up feeling more optimistic.

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