5 Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

 Image courtesy of CreateHer Stock

Image courtesy of CreateHer Stock

We love the holiday season! From the Christmas lights and decorations, to holiday sales (!!!) and spending time with family and friends, there's something about this time of year that always gets me in a good mood. 

One of my favorite traditions is cuddling up and watching Christmas/holiday movies with some hot chocolate! Below, I'm sharing some of my favorite movies to watch. Don't forget to share your holiday traditions or favorite movies to watch! 

1. Christmas with the Kranks 

You have to watch this if you're looking for a good laugh.

2. Home Alone

A classic

3. This Christmas 

What's more important than family?

4. The Santa Clause Trilogy 

I've been watching this since I was a kid..never gets old!

5. The Polar Express

This movie gives me the feels.

What are your favorite movies to watch this time of year?