22 Things to Try Now That We're 22

22 to things to try now that you're 22

I have reason to believe that Cancer season is the best season. Me and Sabine are officially 22 today! It feels like just yesterday we were six year olds dreaming about all the experiences we would have once we got to this exact point. It’s incredibly surreal to think about!  

Every time my birthday comes around, I get super emotional about the journey I’ve been able to have through this crazy life with a twin sister by my side. From the womb to now, I've always had a best friend by my side and I wouldn't want it any other way. There has never been a moment where I didn’t have her in my corner. From laughing hysterically at Bridesmaid to having experience that would have been hard to go through alone, I’m grateful for my relationship with her.  

In hindsight, 22 years isn’t a lot of time since we’ve got a long way to go. We just graduated from college and are in the midst of the what-comes-next phase and I’m so ready for what's in store! While it can be easy to get stuck thinking about the future, this year I'm making an effort to stay as present as possible. What better way to do that than by holding myself to a couple of new things to explore this year. Yup! No matter how small or big, it's all about fully embracing each day. 

Here are 22 things we hope to experience this year!  

  1. Try a new restaurant every month (Pietro NoLita is calling my name!)

  2. Visit a city we’ve never been to before

  3. Journal more often

  4. Embrace the present every day (It can be so easy to be stuck worrying about the future!)

  5. Read more fiction novels

  6. Write more letters

  7. Step up our interior design game

  8. Finally take a delicious bite at Dough Doughnuts. YUM!

  9. Get better at French

  10. Meet Zendaya (Let’s speak this one into existence haha!)

  11. Try a new cooking recipe at least once a month

  12. Continue to grow this beautiful blog of ours

  13. More photoshoots

  14. Live boldly and take risks

  15. Try a new kind of exercise

  16. Meet new and exciting people

  17. Pick a charity to donate to every month

  18. Attend a music festival

  19. Dedicate a day solely to self-care each week

  20. Trust our intuition more

  21. See a Broadway play/musical (Sabine saw Mamma Mia!, but I haven’t seen one yet!)

  22. Learn how to make a great cocktail