Affordable Puffer Jackets to Rock This Winter

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Puffer jackets are IN! Carine recently bought one that I'm obsessed with, so I even wear it every now and then! They give me Rihanna vibes in the best way possible. I mean, how cool is she

Sometimes they can be a little expensive, but don't worry! Below, we compiled a list of some affordable puffer jackets out there this season. Let us know what you think!

Urban Outfitters

This is the jacket Carine has and while it's no longer available in yellow online, it's just as fabulous in red and black. 

Forever 21 

I really love these jackets from Forever 21, especially the velvet one! 


Light/dusty pink is one of my favorite colors and I LOVE this jacket in the vintage pink!

American Eagle

The red color would pop anywhere you go. 


I love this jacket! This is a little more form fitting, so it offers a different take on the look. 

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